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Dr Steven Tan has a small practice with a focus on healthy patients delivering healthy babies by listening to the needs and special requirements of individual patients. He has a dedicated, caring, patient manner and is extremely family focused. Dr. Tan offers encouragement and advice and will care for you through every aspect of your pregnancy. Dr Tan has enormous experience with High Risk Obstetrics and older mothers. He has a calm confident manner that instils confidence in his patients. He is a skilled and dedicated surgeon and has an excellent and caring professional team in his consulting rooms and in both Hospitals. Dr Tan is sympathetic to the needs of women in his Gynaecological practice. He is an expert in infertility, menstrual disorders, abnormal pap smears and offers services requiring the latest in technology in keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery. ...

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logo of location iconMater Clinic, Suite 1.04, Level 1
25 Rocklands Road North Sydney NSW Australia

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Our Services

1. to provide exceptional antenatal care and counselling for all expectant mothers 2. to facilitate the safe delivery of babies in a nurturing environment 3. to provide a healthy and safe journey of the newborn child into a loving family environment 4. to provide acute and continuing gynaecological care and education for women 5. to continue to uphold the excellent standards of overall care for a patient introduced by the Sisters of Mercy over a century ago.