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General Surgery: Dr Crawford performs common General Surgical Operations such as Hernia and Gallbladder surgery. Dr Crawford is an expert in the laparoscopic (key-hole) management of these and other general surgical conditions. Hepatobiliary Surgery: Much of Dr Crawford’s focus has been Mastery of complex hepatobiliary surgery. Dr Crawford led the Liver Transplant Surgery team at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital for many years. Dr Crawford has fostered the training of surgeons in HPB surgery. He is a founding member of the Australian and New Zealand Hepato-pancreatico-biliary association. He has convened meetings for the ANZHPBA. Dr Crawford is a member of the International Hepatic-Pancreatic-Biliary Association. Dr Crawford attends and presents at international and national conferences on Liver, Pancreatic and Biliary Surgical issues. Dr Crawford has been an early adopter of laparoscopic techniques applied to pancreatic and liver surgery, and is a founding member of the International Liver Surgical Society (ILLS). Bariatric Surgery: Dr Crawford has substantial experience and expertise in Obesity Surgery. He began with gastric band surgery, but his main operation has been Sleeve Gastrectomy since 2012. Some patients are better with or prefer Gastric Bypass surgery, each procedure is tailored to the patient and their particular needs. Laparoscopic Surgery: Dr Crawford has matured in his surgical practice alongside the development of laparoscopic surgery for various indications, making him an expert in many procedures laparoscopically. Dr Crawford routinely performs many operations with “key-hole” surgery. His laparoscopic operations include: Gallbladder and biliary surgery, inguinal and incisional herniae, distal pancreatectomy, splenectomy, adrenalectomy, bariatric surgery and most liver resections. Most recently, Dr Crawford is performing selected Whipple procedures with a laparoscopic technique. Key-hole surgery means less pain and risks of wound complications such as infection, bleeding and hernia formation. ...

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